Tips For Owning A House

* Some structures are too difficult to get out of GingerBread Lane, and they include the clock tower, the windmill, the school, the town hall, the mill, the lighthouse, Jackie's Sweet Shop, Cecil's Pie Bakery, Jon's Eggnog Distillery, and The Plum Pudding Hotel. These houses will have a claim check issued, and you will be asked to come back at 3:30, after the crowd is gone. Trying to get these structures out while the village is still full will only risk breaking other houses, due to their size.

* You will be given a flier to tell you how to preserve the houses. The basic tips are to keep them in a sealed container, in an area that is not too hot. Attics and garages that are not temperature controlled will allow your houses to fall apart, as they do not like heat and humidity.

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