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The Process

The day after Christmas is when the next season of GingerBread Lane gets started. That is the day that I go out and hit all the day after Christmas sales to buy up every morsel of Christmas candy I can find.

11:30pm, New Year's Day
Mid Year Construction

Generally, I will buy close to 225-250 pounds of candy in the two to three days following Christmas. The next step of preparing for the next season is tearing down the current village. Although this is a sad day for me, the dismantling day, I still have to do it to move forward.

Then the actual infrastructure the village sits on, a system of milk crates and wooden boxes, are stripped down back to wood and plastic, and stored for the long off season. Throughout the month of January, I spend countless hours pouring over all photography of the previous season, deciding what I liked, didn't like, how to change each subdivision, each annual house, etc. Each village is different from one holiday season to the next.

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