The Process

Jackie's Sweet Shop 2005 getting ready
for moving day
Gum Drop Row 2007 all completed,
on July 4th!!

In late February, a sketch is drawn of the next year's creation, I take March off, and then in April and May, I start doing general work like decorating milk crates, making candy mosaics, and then in mid July to early August, the actual baking begins. The last parts of September is when the most intense construction of houses goes on, and then late October to early November is when all the detail work goes on, signs, train, fire truck, street signs, lamp posts, etc.

Between the drafting of the design, the shopping, the planning, and the destruction of the previous year's village, it really is a year round effort that never ends. When the summer months are at their hottest, the construction efforts are at their strongest point.

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