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CandyCane Place

Year Established: 1999

Critical Info: Where all the commerce for GingerBread Lane happens. Each season, there are 8 staples. Cecil's Pies, for my grandfather, Jackie's Sweet Shop, for my wife, Chef Steve's Cobblers, for the chef who started me cooking, Faye's Famous Pierogies, for my mother in law, Jon's EggNog Distillery, for myself, The Hot Chocolate Brewery, The GBL Fire Department, GBL Schoolhouse, and GBL Town Hall. Always in CandyCane Place.

Unique Facts: Cecil's Pies was the first storefront to feature a hanging sign over the front door. Now, his shop gets one every season. Probably the most requested area of the village, all my friends always are lobbying to have a store named after them.