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About Us

About Gingerbread Lane

Jon Lovitch, owner, artist, and creator of GingerBread Lane drafts, designs, bakes, plans, builds, and decorates for an entire year, to unveil his creations annually in cities all around the Eastern seaboard, the Midwest, and Florida. 365 days of devotion, care, and love go into these displays each and every year. Children and adults alike flock to the GingerBread Lane displays during the holiday season, their eyes filled with awe, wonder, and perhaps a little bit of a sweet tooth.

Originally hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Jon drew inspiration from the wondrous Holiday displays in the windows of the store fronts in Crown Center, where its humble beginnings of twelve houses has ballooned and evolved into a Guinness Record Book holder four years running for the "largest entirely edible gingerbread village." Each and every house in every display is crafted ENTIRELY of edible components, no cardboard backing, stands, or even fake snow! It has to be to qualify under the Guinness Book strict standards. He set the record in 2013, upping his game each consecutive year to keep his championship. To this day, he has yet to be unseated at a staggering 1,251 houses!

GingerBread Lane has been all over the United States, from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., from Boston to Baltimore, Hartford, New York City, Philadelphia, and Southern Virginia, not to mention Orlando, Florida, and of course, Kansas City, Missouri. Rockefeller Center, the Smithsonian, and NYSCI, just to name a few, have all hosted the confectionary wonders to delight audiences from early November to the middle of January.

About Gingerbread Lane

GingerBread Lane has pleased audiences on the Today Show and Good Morning America, ABC and CBS News, as well as many printed articles in the New York Times, Food and Wine, Delish, Conde Naste Traveler, Martha Stewart Living, and Smithsonian Magazine.

Each year, a new design for the layout and for the some of the houses changes, so each display and each season brings new delights, as well as returning favorites like the "SnowMan Apple Cider Company," "Santa's Sleigh Repair Company," the "EveryDay's Thanksgiving Cafe," the "Hot Chocolate Brewery," and the "Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee Shop." He even throws in heartfelt nods to important people in his life, like "Puddles Brand Ice Cream Sprinkles" for his devoted wife, as well as a tribute to his beloved grandfather with "Cecil's Pie Bakery."

The earthy smell of gingerbread, and the sweet aroma of the frosting and candies waft in the open-air display of confectionary creations, sure to delight visitors of all ages. If that's not enough, those who show up on the closing day of each display have a chance to take a house home absolutely FREE! So, enjoy GingerBread Lane during the season, and if you're one of the first people there during the end, you could take some of it home until it's all gone until the next time!

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